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At Liquid Gold Advanced Herbalism (PTY) Ltd we’ve harnessed the power of globally agreed-upon health and wellness methods to create the most trusted products in the world. Since 2000, we’ve been passionate about creating top-shelf products that will help you achieve your ultimate health and wellness goals.

In fact, we aim to make taking care of yourself easy. That’s why we only use well-sourced ingredients that we would use ourselves—ensuring consistency and integrity of our products. Don’t wait until it’s too late; let us show you how important your health really is.

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My name is Martin Du Preez

I am an Advanced Medical Herbologist and Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner.

I am also a Reiki Master.

I have been a Herbalist for over 19 years and I am certified worldwide. I also own  Liquid Gold Advanced Herbalism .

It has been my most gratifying life experience to assist individuals and groups of companies and their staff to live a more holistic lifestyle . With top of the range medically proven and timeless medical tinctures and balms and tablets to alleviate the stresses and strains in the bodies and psyche of the modern working lifestyle individuals.

My medicines are laboratory made and regulated through strict  Medicinal Protocols. So you are assured of   getting the very best power of nature combined with cutting edge science and technology in my products.

Please feel free to browse the inventory and be confident that you are purchasing a high grade and top quality product with great efficacy in assisting you with your health issues.


I wish you the very best in improving your lifestyle with my  great companion products.


Richest Blessings

Martin Du Preez

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Our Clients Say

"Martin is amazing! He is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. I've used the Relaxant for Adults and Children Alike and it was the best thing. I felt calm and at peace. I have deep, restful sleeps now and I wake up feeling rested and fresh."

Prenisha, Arumugam 

Refunds Policy

*Please Note - Due to the products being of medicinal nature; No returns or Refunds will be given. 

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